How I can help you

My approach with the people who ask for my help consists in making them relax and in creating an empathy between them and myself; all of that nourishing a mutual trust and sharing the same intent. I like working on respect and truth by listening one to the other and maintain a constant balance between my being and theirs. When everything is in harmony the ideal condition is created to work and interact with the subtle energies of our etheric bodies. Through this connection, I can amplify my senses and perceive what people’s doubts and questions are. By working together they reach the awareness of being able to dissolve their fears by themselves. Here’s where the true work starts, unique for every individual, in full connection of spirit, heart and mind.

These are some of the areas in which we can work during the consultations:

For more information about the duration, the prices and other specifics of the consultations, or to fix an appointment, do not hesitate to contact me by mail or telephone: