Visualisation of your Guides

We aren’t alone… never!

Of course, we know this, and we’ve heard it many times; but having the chance to really know who is close to us and follows us in every moment of our life is another thing. I’m talking about all those Guides that can be either deceased loved ones or entities that follow us from our past lives and that decide to stay close to us during the trials that we have to face. Sometimes they talk to us through our intuitions, or they can intervene also energetically to protect us and “work” on us.

Thanks to the gift that I’ve received I can see these Guides and communicate with them. By simply sitting in front of you, I can visualise the energies that move around you and, if you want, I can interact with them. It’s a subtle and very important work, that can give much faith to who has the desire and the will to do it. It’s useful and interesting to find out which energies walk with us and which entities follow us from past lives, which are the qualities that still characterise us and give us strength.

By doing this, you can increase your sensitivity towards the subtle plans. Communicating with your Guides, little by little you could experience a greater awareness of the energies surrounding you and you could strengthen your bound with them. They can hepl you finding your qualities and your path.

I really hope I can have the pleasure to do this with you, and help you find our and explore an important part of you.