Reiki activations

The first and second level Reiki activations are planned based on the agreement between the Master and the receiver in order to rebalance the energies channelled through the latter and reach by means of a dialogue the main goal of Reiki, which is to become a neutral, clean and balanced channel through which the Universal Energy can flow ain his body. The aim is to feel aware of having treated with love oneself and the person who receives the Reiki treatment.

By receiving the First Level activation you are able to treat people, animals and things by simply imposing your hands on them.

By receiving the Second Level activation you can treat people, animals and things even from afar.

The place where the ceremony takes place can vary according to the receiver’s desire, that can be indoors or outdoors, in woods or meadows. In these environments, nature becomes a spectator of this event worthy of great respect.

For both the activations you will receive a Certificate.

It is essential a fact-finding meeting between the Master and the receiver, that’s why I invite you to contact me for further information.