Works on the Chakras


The Chakras are those energetical centres that are found in our body and that preside over our organic, psychic and emotional body functions. Each Chakra corresponds to particular characteristics and aspects of our life, as well as certain elements and colours. When one of our Chakras doesn’t work properly we are affected on the physical, emotional or psychic level. We can manifest a deficiency or an excess that can be expressed through difficulty in living certain aspects of our life.

Visualising the Chakras, I can see their colour and see if their vortex (the meaning of Chakra is exactly wheel or disk) works properly. Once established which one of them isn’t working well, you can have the chance to work on that in order to reach a better balance and psycho-physical wellness. The following step will be to decide how to intervene. It’s possible to use Reiki or other energy techniques, without forgetting the importance of working every day on yourself by overcoming is keeping you blocked and therefore growing every day towards balance.