Past Lives

Has it ever occurred to you to be enticed by a particular country?

Has it ever occurred to meet someone for the first time and have the strong sensation that you had seen them before?

Have you had, since when you were a child, an inexplicable inclination for an activity? Maybe for an instrument?  An art? A passion?

That’s linked to our past lives. What we have been in the past is recorded in our cell memory. We aren’t mentally aware of it because the memory lies deep inside of us, but some particular feelings towards people and situations remain inside of us. Sometimes it could be smells that wake up these unexplainable sensations. Then, taking a trip in your past lives can be extremely helpful to bring certain memories back to the surface in order to understand and dissolve them. It can be a valuable instrument to help us reach freedom. More often than not fears and discomfort in our life keep us blocked and may not allow us to achieve material stability, or maybe to build satisfying relations with other people, up to the point of almost keeping us trapped inside ourselves when fears manifest themselves as real phobias

Sure enough past lives aren’t only about this; sometimes they can make us understand an inclination we have, a task that we have to fulfil during this incarnation. Some others, on the other side, can reveal to us the reason why we have a complicated relationship or a great understanding with other people. That is true for our partner, a family member, a friend or a colleague.

I’ve discovered this new ability of mine a few years ago. By taking your hands I go on this trip for you and tell you what I see. The process is natural and serene and the person in front of me can interact and ask questions in the process.

I’m looking forward to taking you on this trip.