About me

My name is Walter Ferrari, my story is the story of an average child that found himself dealing with some peculiar “gifts”. I soon started to hear voices around me and to see, close to my loved ones, other figures that would soon take a clearer form due to their desire to interact with us. It was them who started to mentally communicate with me, helping me to develop this faculty that in time has become and still becomes more and more reliable.

Now I work every day to make people understand how much this subtle world is natural and connected with our one through an evolutionary exchange. Every day I rely on my role of being a witness of light and an impartial instrument in order to create a connection between these two dimensions, divided by a very thin thread and linked by great mutual respect.

With the passing of time I’ve learned, and still am learning, the art of interior listening to know myself deeply and to become aware of my fears and limits. I’ve become familiar with yoga, the use of mantras, tai chi chuan and Psychodynamics. I’ve dedicated myself to martial arts like judo and aikido with the purpose of toughening up my body so that I could feel it more as the temple of my soul.

They’ve called me “friend of the Invisibles” and “brother of light”. I call myself subtle and quiet and I like to use my sensitivity and joy to help people regain their lost balance.